LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

A fairly easily starting hole this is a dogleg right hole with tall trees guarding the dogleg. Tee off aiming to the right of the fairway bunker that is visible at the left edge of the fairway. This should open up thedogleg and allow you to attack the green. If you drive 275 plus take the Tiger line as that it will leave you with a wedge to the green. The second shot for most of us is a mid or short iron to a green that is slightly narrow, deep & elevated. With bunkers guarding the right & left you need to be very accurate as chipping in from off the green is tricky because of the undulations. The green is fast & slopes inward from both the left & right.

HINT: Safer to be shorter than long.
  • Championship 416
  • Gentlemen 406
  • Ladies 362