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How to play

A short par 5 with a INDEX of 4 – that should tell you something about this hole. Played smart this is a definite birdie opportunity. Played aggressively you could end up with a eagle or a double bogey. The hole is a dogleg left hole off the tee. The fairways gets narrow off the tee at the 260 yard mark & there is a large clump of tall trees from the dogleg edge for another 125 yards that come into play. Off the tee aim slightly right of center & ideally drive between 240 & 260 yards. That leaves you with a easy second that should get you to around the green. A long 300 yard draw of the tee also works & you need a little luck to avoid the trees on your second. Left all along this hole is trouble. The green is large, slopes from back to front & is fast. With bunkers on the right it leaves the left relatively unprotected. The green is elevated.

HINT: Be conservative on your second shot as a ricochet of the trees could land you in trouble.
  • Championship 496
  • Gentlemen 475
  • Ladies 438