LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.

How to play

This is a beautifully set up hole where a good tee shot will reward the golfer with a easy approach to the green. A sharp dogleg right, the fairway is defined by a thick grove of trees on either side. Right is the Governor’s residence & an OB area. The number of golf balls that end up there is not funny. The trees on the right that guard the dogleg are tall & getting snagged there will be costly. Going right on this hole is a disaster. A gentle fade of the tee is the perfect shot. Cut the dogleg with a 250 yard drive & you will end up just about 130 yards or thereabouts to the green. Your second is to a elevated green that slopes sharply from back to front & has 2 deep bunkers on the right for protection. Putting here is tricky & a downhill putt here is tough to 2 putt.

HINT: Do not be long under any circumstances on your second.
  • Championship 428
  • Gentlemen 409
  • Ladies 381